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It is your right to enjoy having a well-working HVAC system that pumps cool/hot breezes and modifies the indoor air without posing risks for asthma or allergies. That is why we are here in Garland, Texas, making you breathe clean and fresh indoor air without odors or dust smells; get in touch with 1st Choice Garland Duct Cleaning.

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Is It Vital To Clean The Duct System?!

According to US EPA statistics, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, where some pollutants are frequently present in concentrations that are typically 2 to 5 times greater than those found outside. Actually, the vents responsible for the air circulation process for cooling or heating the air inside homes or business buildings are the cause of this high pollution level in indoor environments! The airborne pollutants will become lodged in the walls of the ducts and tubes as they absorb air from the surroundings.

These vents and pipes gather terrible pollutants over time, and when they release air again, these contaminants mix with the air to find a way inside our bodies, weakening our immune and respiratory systems. It is a catastrophe, particularly given the increase in COVID-19 assaults. If you are currently detecting odors, contact 1st Choice Garland Duct Cleaning right away to find out if there is a significant amount of pollution inside that is burning with the interior HVAC heat and producing the smell. Additionally, any changes in the heating and cooling system's effectiveness indicate significant indoor pollution.

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How To Deeply Get The Ventilation System Cleaned!

Professionally, we remove every last particle of dirt and pollution from the entire ventilation system, including the hard-arrival places at the ends of the sub- and main tubes. We do this without leaving any traces behind. We depend on mobile workshops equipped with a camera inspection device, which can record videos about each spot in the unit and identify the locations where pollution is accumulating, a highly effective negative pressure technique, as well as a strong brush with long nozzles to remove layers of dust that have built up in the vents from the deepest points to the surface, 1st Choice Garland Duct Cleaning experts arrive promptly anywhere throughout Garland, Texas.

We discharge all the dust with our sophisticated tools and brushes, which are then vacuumed into our negative-pressure apparatus. This ensures that the air duct system is thoroughly cleaned to remove grime, dust, and allergens without affecting the air inside the building. You will be able to breathe easier, cleaner, and healthier without worrying about allergies or asthma after these contaminants have been securely removed. We then sanitize the system with kids' and pet's eco-friendly solutions to restore the indoor atmosphere to a state of clean, allergen-free air ducts.


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Professional UV Light Installation Service

Since ultraviolet light has a great ability to sterilize each molecule of the air, removing any airborne viruses, bacteria, grime, spores, and more, our services at 1st Choice Garland Duct Cleaning are not just cleaning the system; we can also bring to our commercial and residential customers throughout Garland, Texas, sanitized air of the highest quality by offering top-notch UV light installation service.

Therefore, you can benefit from our excellent sanitization process that depends on installing UV lamps. Call and ask us about our air duct cleaning deals for 2023.


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